Michael Hornby,CEO, The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation

We engaged and continue to utilise Charles Bowie to advise and support our café businesses which are social enterprises that help fund lifesaving medical research. His task initially was to review of our operations which at the time that were hemorrhaging. Over a few months Charles totally immersed himself in our business. With his advice and active support, we restructured our operations, recruited a new retail manager, and put some important steps in place to increase sales.  We had an immediate 5% uplift in revenue – which across a $3.5M turnover was significant. We reviewed the menu, the pricing and staffing to achieve the uplift. Charles contribution was embraced by all our café staff during this process. Change is not easy, and many people feel threatened, but Charles honesty, compassion and expertise made the implementation as smooth as we could have ever hoped for. Through Charles we then took on a new site, taking over from a previous operator, and through Charles we implemented a strategy which gave us immediate success. Our business turnover is now exceeding $5M PA. Our social enterprise cafes are too important, they ultimately sustain projects which will improve people’s lives. We are so thankful we met Charles and grateful that he remains a vital part of our business going forward.


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