Asset Services

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We provide insights to support innovation. We collaborate to help you create.
Our role is to help bring your vision clearly into focus.

We will ensure that all assumptions underpinning the project are robust enough to create sustainable outcomes.

We have worked across Australia from CBD to Regional Australia with development executives, asset managers, architects and project managers across suburban and regional shopping centres, airports, universities and with regional councils.

What’s Changed

Delivering a best-in-class customer experience requires a solid understanding of what customers look for and how they interact with dining and fresh food retail in 2022.

Increasingly in a an on-demand, tech savvy world customers are engaging in food consumption across a behavioral spectrum irrespective of the environment.

The best way to characterize this consumer expectation is to imagine any food retail or food dining offer as delivering on function or experience.

Potential retailer concepts and design for common areas must consider these twin factors driving consumer wants & needs and remove the pain points to elevate the experience.



We believe that the same principles in identifying demand, selecting an appropriately matched retail food and beverage mix and optimising design can be applied to whatever specific circumstances present for an asset whether this be for:

  1. New Developments
  2. Refurbishments & Reinvention
  3. Incremental Improvements

These principles are simple

  1. Who is here or will be here (demographics)?
  2. What will they best respond too (retail mix ) and what’s missing or will be required in future?
  3. Who are the right operators to satisfy this demand?
  4. Will their design and operations be sufficiently well enough considered to capitalise on this demand to be sustainable?
  5. What other design and place-making elements create the optimum environment in which the community can enjoy this offer?

    At all times in the process head full of food believe in working collaboratively with other industry consultants’ to provide robust and relevant input for the project.

Food Tenancy Mix Services

  • What does the evolution of F & B consumption mean for your core demographic?
  • What cuisines are needed or missing for your specific trading environment?
  • How any new outlets best relate to overall asset mix including concept & location
  • Identify relevant new to local market concepts/brands for benchmarking and potential leasing
  • Provide projected sales expectations for F&B tenancies
  • Identify areas of opportunity to improve food quality / offer of the Centre including tenant exit and hold recommendations

Design Review Services

Services are generally project specific and customized to the unique client requirements. Typical questions we ask include:

What does the modern food court or dining precinct look like, need to function and flow smoothly, need to provide to create a desirable space encouraging spend and valuable linger time?

Does the design allow customers easy access? Does the intended placemaking and seating provision match the likely user groups requirements?


Are retailer designs contemporary, functional, appealing, and does it deliver on all aspects of the brand and customer experience?

Will the tenancy design (front and back of house) be capable of delivering the sales required operationally?

Menu Review Services

Does the offer best match the intended target customer and does this connect well with the local demographic?

Is the offer distinctive, provide quality & value, meet customer needs, maximise day parts and can create enough turnover while remaining profitable?

Other Asset Services

In addition to presentations on industry developments and trends, subject matter can be customized to client specific topics if required.

  • Asset Team Information Sessions
  • Keynote Speaking