Adam Weinstein,National Operations Manager, Vicinity


Throughout the last 6 years I had the pleasure of working with Charles on a number of significant projects. From discussions on key developments through to retailer trading issues.  During that time Charles was able to meet with retailers, build relationships that were built on trust and strategically assisting them on implementing key strategies into their model to grow/turnaround their business.   Charles is by far the most knowledgeable food consultant in the industry with knowledge of both big business working with brands like David Jones and small retailers who need to really leverage his expertise to grow their sales.  His ability to understand a retail precinct or problem, devise a plan and see it through whilst educating those around him on the art and success of food retail is second to none.  Charles has a unique approach to retail consulting and is known for his strong passion for building sustainability into their business, charismatic nature and ability to see the opportunity.   With 20+ years experience in the retail game - Charles is the man you need to fix your problem


Corey Law,General Manager
Airport Retail Enterprises
Gary Stewart,General Manager, Canberra Centre QIC
Canberra Centre QIC